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Why Mobile Should Be a Part of your Benefits Communication Strategy

Feb 2019

HR professionals are familiar with the difficulties of aggregating and communicating information across all company employees. With mobile devices in every employee’s hand, it should be easier than ever to distribute personalized benefits and health information throughout any organization. Like a health plan GPS, Medxoom’s mobile platform helps companies and their employees reduce healthcare spend by 10%+ annually with a white label (can be company branded) app. The modular platform delivers a unified one-stop member experience with CRM messaging, pre-service comparison shopping, and medical bill payments.

From BenefitsPRO:

“Since nearly everyone has a mobile device of some sort these days, solutions such as mobile employee communications apps offer a cost-effective way to efficiently engage all employees with timely and important information, regardless of location or job function.

Through mobile tech and apps, HR professionals can:

  • Send push notifications
  • Leverage analytics
  • Create content that actually resonates with employees”
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