Healthcare Market Problem

A never ending increase in annual healthcare premiums, patient deductible and out-of-pocket costs

  • Lack of price transparency needed to identify high cost facilities
  • Impossible for consumers to effectively comparison shop for healthcare services
  • Confusing bills with no easy way to manage, track, and pay for healthcare

Employers and employees feel stuck. Medxoom enables employers and their covered members to make smarter, well informed, care choices.

White Label Member Engagement Platform and Complete Healthcare Cost Management Solutions for Employers, Brokers, Payers, and TPAs.

Our Technology

Intuitive white label platform and services supporting cost containment programs

  • Ready for your brand, responsive web portal and mobile apps
  • Real-Time web services for easy integration to existing solutions
  • Infinitely scalable data platform fueled by your plan’s claims, market data, and reliable 3rd sources
  • The most advanced Machine Learning and AI technology available in market
  • Payment and financial services built in and ready to deploy

Medxoom Caretakers

As tech startup veterans, Medxoom’s team has a proven track record of success across FinTech, healthcare cost containment, supply chain solutions, digital health media, data science and machine learning. Our mission: Helping Employers, TPAs, Brokers, and other healthcare organizations lower costs, improve quality, and increase employee health benefits satisfaction with easy to use modern marketplace technologies, unifying all facets of member benefits into a single user interface.

Latest News

The High Price of Hospital Care

The Center for American Progress has released a report examining the rising prices that patients are incurring from Hospitals across the country. Commercial insurers are estimated to pay about twice what Medicare does for hospital care. High prices do not always indicate better quality; in fact, they often mask inefficiencies in the hospital business. Among potential solutions to the growing industry-wide problem is to introduce reference-based pricing as a way to help negate the rising costs. Medxoom’s proprietary Comparison Shopping technology helps patients educate themselves on procedure price and quality variances before treatment with their health plan.

How Summit County residents, fed up with high health care prices, banded together and negotiated a better deal

The employers and people of Summit County in Colorado banded together to lower the prices at their hospital by 20% – a move that could spark change across the nation. One of the key factors in accomplishing this was the power of leverage gained by the knowledge the hospital was charging 5 to 8 times what Medicare was paying for the same procedures. Medxoom can help provide employers and their employees the much-needed knowledge of local price and quality variances with our proprietary comparison shopping tool prior to getting care.

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