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The Medxoom Difference

Employers, Brokers and Third Party Administrators prefer our health benefits platform because we understand that making decisions for one’s health isn’t just an administrative function; it’s a personal experience. That’s why we spent years carefully developing a best-in-class system that not just saves our clients' time, stress and money – it supports every step towards better health benefits usage and engagement.

Healthcare is too expensive

Total health spending for a family of four with employer coverage tops $22,000+ on average

  • Family Out-of-Pocket Spending

  • Family Premium Contribution

  • Employer Premium Contribution

What makes our healthcare platform different?

  • Data-Driven Cost Containment

    Medxoom actively steers Members to optimal Providers based on historical claims data & price benchmarks, containing costs both at aggregate and Member engagement level.

  • Advanced Payments

    Medxoom drives greater savings with the most modern payments technology in healthcare: API-driven plan and Member payments, optional paid-in-full discounts, branded ID and payment cards, financing options and more.

  • Coordinated Care

    Medxoom unifies not only the Member experience but also the care coordination between previously disconnected Providers and partners. Virtual care, concierge and TPA partners have a single view of the Member's healthcare journey.

  • True White Label

    You’ve worked hard to help Members and Employers recognize your brand. Medxoom enables plans and benefits administrators to preserve their own brand, powering a seamlessly integrated experience with no confusion or disruption to members.


Transparency and Delivery in Healthcare Today

Featuring Jeff Toewe

On today's episode of Healthcare Simplified, Jeff Toewe, CEO of Medxoom, joins us to talk about healthcare transparency and the state of healthcare delivery today. Healthcare may be the only service in the economy where you don't know the price until after delivery. Often, providers don't know the cost because they don't know your plan. And you don't know if your cost is reasonable. That's a transparency problem. And it's where Medxoom comes in. They help members discover and have intelligent conversations about what a service should cost before it's delivered.

21 Minutes

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