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Why Brokers Prefer Medxoom

It’s simple: We help Brokers win and retain clients by providing them with a centralized health benefits operating system that uses our advanced technology, presented in a best-in-class Member experience.

Brokers Receive

  • Unified Member Experience

    Everything in one place: ID Cards, Virtual Care, Smart Concierge, Comparison Shopping, Pharma, Claims & Payments.

  • Reduce Healthcare Costs

    Find Providers based on reliable cost and quality metrics derived from historical claims data.

  • Targeted Member Communications

    Secure, HIPAA compliant messaging to groups and individual Members ensure you reach Members with the right message at the right time.

  • Smart Concierge

    Live Smart Concierge staff help research quality providers, prices, book appointments and answer any questions related to your benefits or care journey.

  • Comparison Tools

    The best comparison tools and cost calculators in the industry so your Members can easily discover and compare Provider services, procedures and fees prior to seeking care.


Easy Integration

Our continuously updated SaaS platform offers API integrations with other services your clients use such as HSA, PBM, telemedicine and call centers, resulting in faster releases and reduced IT expenses.

Searching for savings? We’ve got you covered.