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A new platform that is capable of managing your care plan—personally.

Whether you’re an Employer, Broker or Third-Party Administrator, we know you’ll prefer the Medxoom Platform above any other because of our in-built methods for saving money and improving Member engagement.

Everything In One Place

Employers, Brokers and Third Party Administrators prefer our platform because we understand that making decisions for one’s health isn’t just an administrative function; it’s a personal experience. That’s why we spent years carefully developing a best-in-class system that not just saves our clients' time, stress and money – it supports every step towards better health benefits usage and engagement.

Full-Access to Your Benefits

Members get all the information they need to make better healthcare choices by providing transparency in payments made toward deductibles and out of pocket expenditures.

Minimize Healthcare Costs

Medxoom delivers claims summaries in a clear, user-friendly interface, specifying total billed, Member responsibility and claims details.

Cost Comparison Tools

Search Providers by specialty, location and out of pocket costs. Medxoom answers the common question "how much will this procedure cost with my insurance?"

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