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The Real Reason Hospitals are So Expensive

Feb 2019

TruTV’s Adam Ruin Everything show discussed the rising costs of health care in America today. The segment discusses, among other things, hospitals inflating prices on Tylenol, charging $37/pill, and saline bags, charging $137 for a $12 bag, and how pricing differs for the same procedure at different hospitals and the practice of inflating charges to make insurance company “discounts” of 50% appear better than they are.

Medxoom’s price transparency technology provides a comparison of hospital service prices and quality before health plan employees choose where to go. Medxoom also provides reporting on total employer healthcare costs to understand where benefits expenses are rising to provide data-driven insights on lowering costs.

From Adam Ruins Everything:

We spend more per person annually on health care than any other developed nation. And a big part of the reason for that is that American hospitals overcharge patients massively.

The problem starts with something called the ‘Chargemaster’ … a secret document full of insane prices that hospital use to charge us whatever they want.”

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