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HHS Secretary Calls on Employers to Drive Down Health Costs

Jul 2019

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar called on employers to do their part in driving down healthcare costs and helping employees better navigate the health system. HHS is tasked with driving down healthcare costs and Azar is asking employers to help “do [their] part” as well. The ultimate goal is to drive down healthcare costs and help employees navigate the complicated healthcare system. Medxoom drives modern healthcare marketplaces by helping employers and employees compare provider quality and price before getting a medical procedure, resulting in lower costs and happier patients.

From EBN:

Azar said: “We believe there may be a role for employers to connect patients with providers or some other trusted intermediaries who can act as guides through the healthcare system,” he said, adding that the HHS is focused on empowering patients with transparent, accessible information on how to best utilize health services.

“[Employers are] a more important force than the American government can be,” he said. “You drive so much of the healthcare system.”

Azar said another positive step toward driving down healthcare costs is the agency’s proposed rule that would eliminate hidden drug rebates. It’s an initiative many employer groups have rallied behind.”

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