Surgeons, Hospital Owner Convicted in Massive Kickback Scheme Involving Forest Park Medical Center

Jul 2019

While the majority of doctors and hospitals are honest, a bribery and kickback trial in Texas convicting four doctors reminds us that patients need to be ever vigilant for their own health and financial interest. Patients tend to trust their doctors at their word, but need to be aware that surgery and surgical referrals are big revenue generators for hospitals and doctors and not always necessary. Powering Modern Healthcare Marketplaces, Medxoom helps provide discovery on price and quality before any medical procedure.

From Dallas News:

Seven out of nine defendants, including four doctors, were convicted Tuesday for their roles in a $40 million bribery and kickback scheme involving Forest Park Medical Center, which illegally paid for surgeries to boost its bottom line before shutting down.

Prosecutors said the surgeons agreed to refer patients to the Dallas hospital in exchange for money to market their practices. That advertising revenue helped some of the doctors grow their practices considerably.

Patients were a valuable commodity sold to the highest bidder, according to the government. The more surgeries doctors could bring to Forest Park, the more money they could earn.

The verdict in the Forest Park case is a reminder to healthcare practitioners across the district that patients — not payments — should guide decisions about how and where doctors administer treatment,” said U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox.

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