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Doctors Are Fed Up With Being Turned Into Debt Collectors

Nov 2018

More insurers and employers are shifting the ever increasing cost of healthcare onto their workers and customers via high-deductible insurance plans. These high-deductible plans are causing providers to experience pressures as they try to collect payments from their patients who have not reached their deductibles. Medxoom can help patients save money and providers collect money owed with our easy to use payments technology.

From Bloomberg:

“For more than a decade, insurers and employers have been shifting the cost of care onto their workers and customers, tamping down premiums by raising patients’ out-of-pocket costs. Last year, almost half of privately insured Americans under age 65 had annual deductibles ranging from $1,300 to as high as $6,550, government data show.

Now, instead of getting paid by insurance companies on a predictable schedule, health-care providers have to engage in an awkward dance. One moment they’re removing a pre-cancerous skin mole. The next, they’re haranguing patients to pay what’s become a growing portion of the total medical bill.”

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