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A Patient Complained About The Cost Of Her Medical Care. Here’s How Her Doctor Responded.

Nov 2018

Increasing healthcare costs are causing both patients and doctors to lose trust in the United States healthcare system as a whole. This patient’s doctor prescribed medication that cost over “$15,000 a shot” for her breast cancer treatment. Medxoom’s price and quality comparison technology platform helps patient’s get clarity and information to discuss with their doctors before treatment.

From Forbes:

“The oncologist had prescribed Xgeva hoping it would strengthen her bones while also delaying the progression of Angela Kahn’s breast cancer. But Kahn (a pseudonym) couldn’t get over the price of the drug. Before the oncologist had a chance to ask how she was feeling, she blurted out that the medication cost “$15,000 a shot.” “That’s crazy,” the oncologist replied, continuing by saying the price “fits right in with the rest of the insanity” of U.S. healthcare pricing.

Not that either thought Xgeva’s price was a laughing matter. In fact, like many medications, Xgeva costs much more in the U.S. than in any other developed countries, with a single injection costing more than $2,000.

Patients and providers are losing trust—in pharmaceutical companies and in third-party payers. Probably in the whole system. Other outpatient clinic interactions I’ve studied reveal doctors and patients complaining about the complexities of Medicare and Medicaid, or about the greediness of HMOs or local hospital systems. All these complaints, all these concerns, draw doctors and patients away from the reasons they find themselves together in an exam room—to identify and address patients’ health problems.”

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