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Verma: CMS intends to disrupt healthcare by empowering patients

Mar 2019

CMS Administrator, Seema Verma, believes the current lack of information available for patients leaves them unable to make informed decisions about their own health. Legislation was proposed in multiple keynote sessions at HIMSS19 to help address this issue. While the government works on passing legislation, Medxoom can provide price transparency for employer plans right now, enabling data-driven actions to lower and manage healthcare costs.

From Health Data Management:

Verma made the comments during Tuesday’s opening keynote session at HIMSS19 in Orlando, a day after the agency released its proposed rule to empower patient with access to their health data and to improve the interoperability of electronic healthcare records.

‘We say another day at CMS is another day of disruption because we’re not trying to protect the status quo,’ Verma told the audience. ‘Our rule yesterday really was about putting patients at the center of the healthcare system and empowering them.’

In its proposed rule, CMS wants to require that by 2020 all health plans doing business in Medicare, Medicaid and through the federal exchanges share claims and other health information with patients electronically through an application programming interface.”

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