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To Patients’ Surprise, a Visit to Urgent Care Brings Steep Hospital Bill

Nov 2018

Patients continue to experience surprise excessive billing, something discussed a few weeks ago. This story illustrates increased charges when hospitals buy physician practices and add “facility fees” for in-office care. Medxoom can’t help with industry-standard billing procedures, but we can help bring transparency to medical pricing. Medxoom’s comparison technology can help patients and employers compare healthcare costs and quality before receiving treatment to avoid excessive charges.

From the Boston Globe:

“Patients complained about bills from the urgent care center in Foxborough, Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s urgent care center in Waltham, and a North Shore Medical Center-affiliated urgent care center in Danvers. They said they paid the amount listed on their insurance card for urgent care visits and thought they were all set.

One woman received a $400 bill for treatment for an eye injury at North Shore Urgent Care in Danvers — far more than the $75 listed on her insurance card — because it was billed as an “outpatient clinic’’ visit, according to a complaint.

‘This is 100% false advertising,’ her husband complained. ‘On both the website and the gigantic sign in the parking lot, URGENT CARE can be seen in big letters.’”

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