Insurers Hand Out Cash and Gifts To Sway Brokers Who Sell Employer Health Plans

Apr 2019

All employers should know how their outside benefits broker is compensated. Is their income based on health insurance company commissions or only consulting fees from you? iI’s hard for PPO commissions to not influence broker recommendations to you. Make sure your financial interests are aligned.  Those who distinguish themselves as advisors or consultants rather than brokers or those who are Health Rosetta certified tend to be more transparent. Medxoom is aligned with Health Rosetta, so your costs are always transparent.

From NPR:

“Human resources directors often rely on independent health insurance brokers to guide them through the thicket of costly and confusing benefit options offered by insurance companies. But what many don’t fully realize is how the health insurance industry steers the process through lucrative financial incentives and commissions. Those enticements, critics say, don’t reward brokers for finding their clients the most cost-effective options.”

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