Five Embarrassingly Easy Ways to Fix America’s Health Care Mess

Feb 2020

The New York Post has detailed five easy steps our healthcare industry needs to take in order to fix the issues. While these fixes would work, it isn’t as easy as it sounds and will take time and policy changes before we see any of these issues fixed. As we wait for policies to change and laywers to really figure it all out, Medxoom can help with New York Post’s first fix, Price Transparency. Our proprietary price comparison tool can shed light on prices within your network.

From New York Post:

In a new Johns Hopkins study, my colleagues and I found that 48 percent of all federal spending goes to health care in all its hidden forms — enough to give everyone in America gold-plated care. Remember that statistic next time you pay your taxes.

We just need to cut the waste and ignore the echo chambers of cable news telling us we’re a divided nation. The path out of our health care mess is embarrassingly simple and has broad American support”

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