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Emergency Room Bills This Year. Here’s What I Learned.

Jan 2019

Vox analyzed 1,182 hospital bills from 2018 and came away some insights that we’ve been discussing here on our blog, including price disparity, rising costs, surprise billing, balance billing, and more. Medxoom helps provide transparent healthcare costs based on a plan’s historical data prior to a medical procedure or hospital visit, allowing people to understand costs and even compare costs and quality across hospitals, doctors, in-network, and out-of-network. This alone helps reduce medical costs 10% or more to both consumers and employers.

From Vox:

In so many ways, patients find themselves in a vulnerable position during these encounters with the health care system. The result is often high — and unpredictable — bills. Hospitals are not transparent about the cost of their services, their prices vary wildly from one ER to another, and it’s hard to tell which doctors are covered by insurance (even if the hospital itself is covered). In many cases, patients can’t be certain what they owe until they receive a bill in the mail, sometimes weeks or months later.”

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