When hospitals merge, prices can increase by more than 50%

Hospitals usually justify mergers claiming it will help lower healthcare costs for patients, but this recent study shows how healthcare costs generally increase post-merger. This means pre-service comparison shopping based on your plan’s historical claims data is more important in areas where hospitals have merged. Medxoom’s price-comparison technology helps patients and employers compare healthcare costs and quality ratings before procedures to save 10%+ annually.

Doctors Are Fed Up With Being Turned Into Debt Collectors

More insurers and employers are shifting the ever increasing cost of healthcare onto their workers and customers via high-deductible insurance plans. These high-deductible plans are causing providers to experience pressures as they try to collect payments from their patients who have not reached their deductibles. Medxoom can help patients save money and providers collect money owed with our easy to use payments technology.

A Patient Complained About The Cost Of Her Medical Care. Here’s How Her Doctor Responded.

Increasing healthcare costs are causing both patients and doctors to lose trust in the United States healthcare system as a whole. This patient’s doctor prescribed medication that cost over “$15,000 a shot” for her breast cancer treatment. Medxoom’s price and quality comparison technology platform helps patient’s get clarity and information to discuss with their doctors before treatment.

A $48,329 Allergy Test Is A Lot Of Scratch

As healthcare costs continue to rise and remain unknown prior to service, patients are still left in the dark to know pricing or compare alternatives prior to getting their procedures. This patient trusted her provider and ended up with a medical bill described as “astronomical and nuts” by one. Medxoom’s technology platform provides much-needed pre-service comparison price and quality ratings for providers based on any plan’s historical network pricing data.

Employees face ‘ridiculous’ price swings in healthcare choices

The absence of comparison shopping tools tied directly to an employee’s health plan leads to overpaying for most medical procedures and ever higher healthcare costs. Before getting a medical procedure or service, Medxoom gives employers and their employees the ability to compare the price and quality of specific procedures at providers in their network based on their own plan’s historical data. Medxoom’s private label mobile technology platform provides much-needed comparison shopping, claim payments, and CRM for employer health plans.

Why Hospital Monopolies Are What’s Wrong With American Health Care

This article highlights growing hospital monopolies as a major contributor to the rising cost of healthcare for Americans today. Learn about the industry consolidation that’s allowed greater negotiating power that continues to drive up healthcare costs and minimizes pricing transparency. Medxoom lets employers and their employees know hospital procedure pricing before going, so they can select the highest quality lowest cost hospital for their needs.

Behind Your Rising Health-Care Bills

Without transparency in the healthcare industry or regulation around pricing, healthcare costs are bound to continue to rise without reason. Changing the industry isn’t a simple task either due to the agreements between insurers and hospitals. Medxoom allows employers and their employees to shine a light into the black box of hospital pricing before selecting a provider.

Anatomy of an insane health care billing system

The lack of transparency in the industry continues. Benefits broker Carl Schuessler, inspired by his wife’s procedure, looks more into why a simple question like “How much is this going to cost?” cannot be answered. If Carl’s family had Medxoom, he could have looked up the price for the HIDA Scan at various local providers and selected the lowest cost highest quality provider before going.