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Imagine If We Paid For Food Like We Do Healthcare

Sep 2020
Emily Paffhausen

What if we chose our food the same way that we do our healthcare? A recent article by Dr. Ryan Neuhofel tells the full painful story.

“You enter the grocery store parking lot at 4:15 pm, having taken off work early because this particular store closes at 5:00 pm. This FoodMart wasn’t your personal preference based on quality, service, amenities, or price. You choose it, like all of your previous food choices, because it was included in your new food management plan’s network.”

Medxoom is solving these problems by unifying the healthcare experience and providing a one-stop-shop for consumers. We make it easy for Members to navigate their benefits and make better healthcare choices – saving time, money, and hassles for everyone.

Read the full article here.

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