Hospitals Accused Of Paying Doctors Large Kickbacks In Quest For Patients

Hospitals are able to make millions of dollars through referrals from their staff physicians, a practice that is not illegal. However, if there are financial incentives tied to the physician referrals to their patients, this violates federal law. If illegal incentives are in place, patients, insurers and employers end up footing the bill. Medxoom’s Comparison Shopping technology used prior to service can help patients reduce costs and improve quality by showing any tests or MRIs in hospitals are much more expensive than in free standing centers not in hospitals.

Report: Health care price variation costs $18 billion a year

A recent report has shown that consumers don’t know how much cost variation there is in health care services between providers, and it’s costing them $18 billion in overpayments due to the price variation seen across the healthcare industry from hospitals. In network price variation is negatively impacting all U.S. consumers. Medxoom’s proprietary comparison shopping tool allows consumers and employers to get a better understanding of the price and quality variation of a medical service before they get it.

Hospitals are swimming in cash

Axios has found that hospital admissions, surgeries, and other procedures has been flat but that hasn’t prevented them from continuing to bring in more money than 2018. The rising costs in healthcare costs are a contributing factor, yet hospitals are making more money than ever. Medxoom can help even out the playing field in the modern healthcare marketplace with our proprietary price comparison shopping tool.

Many Hospitals Charge Double or Even Triple What Medicare Would Pay

The healthcare marketplace continues to be impacted by the lack of transparency in both pricing to patients and costs incurred by hospitals. Hospitals are notorious for inconsistently charging for the same service across. Medxoom’s modern marketplace technology can help provide price transparency on current wide cost variations for the same medical services among providers.

Health Insurance Costs Surpass $20,000 Per Year, Hitting a Record

As the costs continue to rise for basic coverage across the industry, it becomes more important than ever to understand your costs before incurring them. For non-emergency situations, comparing costs across your network can help save hundreds of dollars. Medxoom’s modern marketplace technology can help provide price transparency on current wide cost variations for the same medical services among providers.

Revealing the secret prices insurers pay can save health care

The government continues to step in to try and help the American people with the rising costs of healthcare. An HHS proposal would shed light on the secret negotiated prices insurance companies pay. Making these prices public would infuse much-needed competition into health care’s bloated secret pricing and potentially drive down costs for patients while increasing competition for patients. As the employers wait for any government help to make the needed changes, Medxoom’s modern marketplace technology can help provide price transparency on current wide cost variations for the same medical services among providers.

Putting A Face To Surprise Bills

Surprise out of network medical billing continues to plague patients all across our nation. Even though Bob Ensor was rushed to an in-network hospital, he was treated by two out-of-network plastic surgeons. Ensor then incurred over $167,000 in out of network bills from the surgeons his health insurer denied. Emergency situations seldom allow patients to check network coverages, and in this case the hospital knew the surgeons were out-of-network, but did not provide this information. The general lack of pricing and in or out of network doctors information in healthcare is an issue Medxoom can help employers with by educating patients to always ask doctors if they are in or out of network before getting treatment.

Price transparency is key to a functional health-care market

The Hill argues that we do not currently have a true marketplace for health care due to the lack of information available to patients. The lack of transparency in pricing leads patients to have to suffer through the pain of over paying and surprise billing. Patients need to be informed about their options in order to feel empowered to make decisions for their own health. Medxoom can help health plan members with modern marketplace technologies to compare medical services for price and quality before getting treatment.

Former HMA CEO to pay $3.5 million over false billing allegations

If big hospital systems are defrauding Medicare and the U.S. government, imagine what might be happening with employer health plans. Patients and employers need to beware of unnecessary procedures and inflated pricing. Medxoom’s proprietary comparison shopping technology can give employers and their employees the insights they need to help avoid inflated pricing and unnecessary billing.

It cost what? Medical pricing shrouded in secrecy, leaving patients in the dark

The lack of price consistency among healthcare providers traps unsuspecting patients into paying too much — if they ever find out. Patients seldom know what something will cost before getting a procedure done. Since the system is shrouded in secrecy, it hinders efforts by consumers and employers to lower the nation’s health care costs. Medxoom’s proprietary comparison shopping technology helps patients chose high quality low cost providers before service to save money and improve outcomes.