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Behind Your Rising Health-Care Bills

Oct 2018

Without transparency in the healthcare industry or regulation around pricing, healthcare costs are bound to continue to rise without reason. Changing the industry isn’t a simple task either due to the agreements between insurers and hospitals. Medxoom allows employers and their employees to shine a light into the black box of hospital pricing before selecting a provider.

From The Wall Street Journal:

“Last year, Cigna Corp. and the New York hospital system Northwell Health discussed developing an insurance plan that would offer low-cost coverage by excluding some other health-care providers, according to people with knowledge of the matter. It never happened.

The problem was a separate contract between Cigna and NewYork-Presbyterian, the powerful hospital operator that is a Northwell rival. Cigna couldn’t find a way to work around restrictive language that blocked it from selling any plans that didn’t include NewYork-Presbyterian, according to the people.

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