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Announcing Medxoom Signals™ – Advanced Healthcare Risk Mitigation Solution for Stop-Loss Carriers

Sep 2022
Medxoom Team

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Medxoom, the industry leading Health Benefits and Payments platform, today announced the release of Signals™, an advanced digital service enabling automated collection, scoring and reporting of risk signals for health benefits underwriters.

“Healthcare Stop-Loss providers are constrained from delivering the best solutions due to the slow, fragmented nature of the legacy Healthcare Claims and Benefits infrastructure,” said Jeff Toewe, Medxoom Founder & CEO. “Stop-Loss carriers need immediate, not forensic, risk signals which enable actionable clinical interventions to help both Plans and Members reduce medical loss overages.”

“Underwriters who leverage Medxoom Signals have access to real-time insights into Group and Member-level new and potential medical loss incidents, enabling intervention during or even prior to the loss event. The signals are secure and anonymized, yet still actionable. This is a fundamentally new paradigm preventing both individual and aggregate attachment point triggers,” said Shankha Basu, Medxoom Co-Founder & COO.

“Beyond providing the initial risk signals, Medxoom triggers proactive clinical care interactions to ensure the best cost and quality care is utilized, which also improves the Member experience, as they appreciate the help in navigating the complicated healthcare landscape. Members need all the help they can get when facing larger healthcare challenges; it’s a win-win for Plans and Members,” said Jeff Toewe.

In addition to the Signals underwriting solution, Medxoom has also released PricePoint, an integrated transparency and healthcare services shopping experience. PricePoint enables groups to comply with the transparency tool mandate. PricePoint goes beyond the core requirement by providing a searchable tool to find the ‘least cost route’ to quality care.

PricePoint is integrated with the core Medxoom platform, enabling groups to offer a unified health benefits, payments and transparency solution in one unified cost effective platform.

About Medxoom

Atlanta-based Medxoom is a fast-growing digital healthcare, identity, payments, and engagement platform, currently working with 500+ groups. Medxoom is led by mobile & payments industry tech veterans who previously won first place in AWS Amazon Startup of the Year for a retail digital transaction network solution.

Medxoom is backed by leading venture funds Las Olas Venture Capital, TTV Capital, and the Castellan Group, the family office of the co-founders of Zelis Payments.

James Walsh | EVP Strategy & Business Development

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