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Zuckerberg Hospital Rolls Back $20,243 Emergency Room Bill

Feb 2019

Another surprise-billing story gained national attention, this time in San Francisco. The bill, originally for $20,243, was reduced to $200. The hospital’s reason for this bill was that they were out-of-network with all private health insurance plans. Medxoom technology is paving the way for healthcare billing transparency and can be the solution to this all too common situation of surprise-billing in non-emergencies. Learn more about our proprietary technology and how we’re providing transparency to hospital pricing and solutions for companies to manage and lower their healthcare costs.

From Vox:

“Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital is reducing a bike crash patient’s $20,243 bill down to $200 — only after the case drew national attention to the hospital’s surprising policy of being out-of-network with all private health insurance.

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