Wage Gap Between Hospital Executives and Doctors is Widening, Study Shows

Sep 2018

Healthcare inflation continues year after year with job, industry, and population growth. We would expect better operations, systems, and efficacy in the industry, but instead, financials are scarce and the executive-to-doctor wage gap is becoming larger.

Medxoom is at the forefront of this national issue.

From Healthcare Finance:

“Average compensation for CEOs at 22 major medical centers increased by 93 percent, while orthopedic surgeons saw only a 26 percent increase.

In 2005, hospital CEOs made three times more than orthopaedic surgeons; by 2015, they made five times more. There were even larger increases in the wage gap between CEOs and pediatricians, from 7:1 to 12:1; and CEOs and registered nurses, from 23:1 to 44:1.”

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