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Surprise Medical Bills Are On The Rise, Study Finds

Feb 2020

Unsurprisingly, a new study from Stanford reports that surprise medical bills are on the rise nationwide. Not only is the frequency of surprise billing rising, but so is the average cost of the bills. As the issue continues to grow Medxoom is here to help employers and employees navigate the complicated industry by providing transparency in pricing via our price comparison tool.

From ABC News:

“A new study from Stanford University published in JAMA Internal Medicine shows surprise medical bills – when you visit a hospital and, some time later, get charged a bill – are on the rise.

If you visited the emergency department in 2010, there was a 32% likelihood you would receive a surprise medical bill. But in 2016, Sun and his team found it rose to just under 43%.

But it’s not only that they are becoming more common — they’re becoming more expensive, too. The average cost rose from $220 to $628, the study found.”

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