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Investigation of Generic ‘Cartel’ Expands to 300 Drugs

Jan 2019

The current state of our Healthcare industry leads to patients and employer’s health plans paying inflated prices with no real price transparency or solutions to mitigate costs. This story highlights how a state antitrust investigation on the inflated pricing of two generic drugs in 2016 expanded to alleged price fixing on over 300 drugs and illustrates how the deck is stacked against patients in healthcare pricing. Medxoom helps patients and employers manage their healthcare costs through pre-purchase pricing transparency technology tools that help avoid overpriced healthcare providers and Rx drugs.

From The Washington Post:

“The alleged victims were American health-care consumers and taxpayers, who foot the bills for overcharges on common antibiotics, blood-pressure medications, arthritis treatments, anxiety pills and more, authorities say. The costs flowed throughout the system, hitting hospitals, pharmacists and health insurance companies. They hit consumers who lack prescription drug coverage and even those with insurance, because many plans have high deductibles and gaps on prescription drug benefits.

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