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Hospital Prices Outgrew Physician Prices by Almost 20%

Mar 2019

Recent research published in Health Affairs states that “between 2007 and 2014, the growth of hospital prices outpaced that of physician prices by nearly 20%.” Despite policies meant to regulate price growth, we continue to see the rise of healthcare costs across the industry. Proposed solutions may bring relief to healthcare patients and employers in the future, but Medxoom can provide price transparency allowing for immediate savings across benefits programs now with our proprietary healthcare benefits technology.

From HealthLeaders:

Craig said that in the past, broad policies intended to regulate price growth have not served as an effective approach to the issue. He said the study recommends additional antitrust enforcement and increased oversight on provider markets that are already consolidated, even raising the potential for measures to regulate prices in those areas.

Solutions could also include proactive policies to steer patients towards cheaper providers, including reference pricing that moves patients out of outpatient services in a hospital setting to ambulatory surgical centers, which serve as more cost-efficient points of care.”

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