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Guess Who’s Getting Richer as your Premiums and Deductibles Soar?

Sep 2018

Profits are soaring for Health Insurers and profit projections are only increasing. Wall Street doesn’t like declining projections and these are public companies. The question is, who is looking out for the consumers best interest? Medxoom helps employers and their employees find the highest quality lowest price medical providers.

From Tarbell:

“The more the cost of health care products and services go up, the more revenue insurers are able to take in by forcing you to pay more for their products. The more revenue they rake in, the more of your money they have to convert to profits for shareholders and CEO bonuses.

Think insurers have an incentive to control health care costs? Think again. They neither can nor want to. Here’s the thing: If they did more than pay lip service to controlling costs, their revenue and profits would decline. That would not make their shareholders and Wall Street financial analysts happy. And take it from me, someone who handled financial communications for one of those big five insurers for 10 years, the two groups of people who must be kept happy at all costs are shareholders and Wall Street financial analysts.”

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