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"What makes us compelling is healthcare cost containment, what makes us unique is our claims stream and payments platform."

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Jeff Toewe - Medxoom CEO




Health plan member operating system brings all benefits pieces together in a plug ‘n play white label mobile platform, increasing client satisfaction with a superior member health benefits experience while lowering costs. Provides differentiating cost saving technology to win and retain customers.

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Four Key Ways Brokers Benefit with Medxoom

1. Medxoom platform connects all pieces of your client health plans in one easy to use mobile and web app for members. 

2. Modular white label platform enables Brokers to offer a modern benefits experience with HIPAA and PCI compliant technology services including:

  • Member portal and mobile app 
  • Digital benefits wallet
  • Enterprise portal 
  • Simple e-payments for members to pay providers, digital EOBs
  • Combined plan and member e-payments to providers for cash discounts and direct contracts
  • Secure employee messaging engagement and communication services
  • Pre-service price and quality comparison shopping based on plans historical claims data
  • Safe harbor steerage for RBP plans based on historical reimbursement and balance bill data
  • Open API integration with HSA, PBM, Tele-medicine, call centers, etc.

3. As a service provider for modern healthcare marketplaces, let Medxoom and your health plan ASO worry about your platform and integrate all your partners into one place to save you time and money

  • SaaS platform with continuous updates and releases
  • Reduction in IT expenditures by providing turnkey brandable platform
  • Integrates easier, services better, releases quicker, bucking healthcare IT's long implementation time
  • Data driven and consumer friendly
  • Continuous measurement of cost and quality metrics for care along with AI-driven recommendation models to drive cost savings


4. Constant technology innovation that puts modern marketplace tools in your clients and prospects hands to save money and increase employee health benefits engagement and satisfaction.



Jeff Toewe CEO

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