Why mobile should be a part of your benefits communication strategy

HR professionals are familiar with the difficulties of aggregating and communicating information across all company employees. With mobile devices in every employee’s hand, it should be easier than ever to distribute personalized benefits and health information throughout any organization. Like a health plan GPS, Medxoom’s mobile platform helps companies and their employees reduce healthcare spend by 10%+ annually with a white label (can be company branded) app. The modular platform delivers a unified one-stop member experience with CRM messaging, pre-service comparison shopping, and medical bill payments.

The Real Reason Hospitals are So Expensive

TruTV’s Adam Ruin Everything show discussed the rising costs of health care in America today. The segment discusses, among other things, hospitals inflating prices on Tylenol, charging $37/pill, and saline bags, charging $137 for a $12 bag, and how pricing differs for the same procedure at different hospitals and the practice of inflating charges to make insurance company “discounts” of 50% appear better than they are.

Emergency room bills this year. Here’s what I learned.

Vox analyzed 1,182 hospital bills from 2018 and came away some insights that we’ve been discussing here on our blog, including price disparity, rising costs, surprise billing, balance billing, and more. Medxoom helps provide transparent healthcare costs based on a plan’s historical data prior to a medical procedure or hospital visit, allowing people to understand costs and even compare costs and quality across hospitals, doctors, in-network, and out-of-network. This alone helps reduce medical costs 10% or more to both consumers and employers.

When consumers pick up the tab, health care prices decrease

“Hospitals are like any other business trying to make a profit; they can ask more from a company like an insurer than they can from an individual” – Medxoom’s technology allows the consumer to further reduce their out-of-pocket costs by comparing prices and quality of healthcare services across doctors and providers BEFORE they receive their needed health service. Learn more about how Medxoom’s technology platform provides the ability to shop prices, manage payments; and for employers, provides full reporting of healthcare cost savings can be achieved.

Investigation of generic ‘cartel’ expands to 300 drugs

The current state of our Healthcare industry leads to patients and employer’s health plans paying inflated prices with no real price transparency or solutions to mitigate costs. This story highlights how a state antitrust investigation on the inflated pricing of two generic drugs in 2016 expanded to alleged price fixing on over 300 drugs and illustrates how the deck is stacked against patients in healthcare pricing. Medxoom helps patients and employers manage their healthcare costs through pre-purchase pricing transparency technology tools that help avoid overpriced healthcare providers and Rx drugs.

My ER experience and the unsustainable health care trajectory

A patient explains his trip to the ER and the $23,000 in charges he incurred for his two hour trip. The ER staff couldn’t find anything medically wrong, attributed his symptoms to anxiety and stress with no clear diagnosis, and told him to schedule a visit with his primary care physician. While Medxoom cannot help prevent egregious charges, we can help provide patients and employers with transparency on pricing to save money with our proprietary technology. While some instances like ER visits are to sudden to avoid, in most cases, there’s ample time to know how much your hospital visit is going to cost before visiting and compare the wildly variable pricing to assure you lower your out-of-pocket as a consumer and overall healthcare expenses as an employer.

To patients’ surprise, a visit to urgent care brings steep hospital bill

Patients continue to experience surprise excessive billing, something discussed a few weeks ago. This story illustrates increased charges when hospitals buy physician practices and add “facility fees” for in-office care. Medxoom can’t help with industry-standard billing procedures, but we can help bring transparency to medical pricing. Medxoom’s comparison technology can help patients and employers compare healthcare costs and quality before receiving treatment to avoid excessive charges.

When hospitals merge, prices can increase by more than 50%

Hospitals usually justify mergers claiming it will help lower healthcare costs for patients, but this recent study shows how healthcare costs generally increase post-merger. This means pre-service comparison shopping based on your plan’s historical claims data is more important in areas where hospitals have merged. Medxoom’s price-comparison technology helps patients and employers compare healthcare costs and quality ratings before procedures to save 10%+ annually.

Doctors Are Fed Up With Being Turned Into Debt Collectors

More insurers and employers are shifting the ever increasing cost of healthcare onto their workers and customers via high-deductible insurance plans. These high-deductible plans are causing providers to experience pressures as they try to collect payments from their patients who have not reached their deductibles. Medxoom can help patients save money and providers collect money owed with our easy to use payments technology.