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Back Surgery Saved Him from Paralysis. Then the Bills Arrived: Over $650,000

Feb 2020

We find another example of a patient experiencing surprise billing after receiving treatment at a hospital. The patient ended up getting a $650,000 bill after the procedure his doctor told him to go to the hospital for, and that the hospital told him was an emergency. While a patient can’t always put in the time to thoroughly price out their options within their network during the time of an emergency, patients should know all tools that are available for them. Medxoom’s price comparison tool is industry leading and can help patients avoid surprise billing.

From CBS News:

” Four in 10 consumers said they’d received a surprise medical bill in the previous year, according to a 2018 poll by Kaiser Health. Half of those bills were over $500.   

Dr. Aaron Carroll is a pediatrician and health services researcher who says there is no transparency in health care. 

We surveyed cash prices in two major metro areas: Dallas-Fort Worth and San Francisco.

A simple blood test in the Dallas-Fort Worth area ranged from $10 to $176, and from $15 to $126 around San Francisco. 

An ultrasound of the abdomen in Dallas ranged from $115 to an estimate of $2,459. In the Bay Area, the same procedure ranged from $100 to $2,800. 

While not everyone pays a cash price — especially those with good insurance — the cash prices reflect what the provider will accept.

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